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On a mission to connect communities

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If you know Manitou and it's magic serendipitous synchronicity, you'll get this! After walking through the space offered to us on Ruxton and seeing the vision of the TAV, I immediately shared it with a locally loved and respected Manitou resident and friend of mine. Their reply was "I love it. There used to be a place like that here on Ruxton when I first moved here. People came & did art together, drum circles, poetry readings, life drawing etc... it was really wonderful...They also got together had pot lucks & created things for the coffin races, Mardi Gras & other festivals as a group. I would love to see that again."


So it is!


This space will be that and more. TAVA is the mountain we sit at the base of. TAV is a space that reminds us "it Takes A Village to raise us!"  Imagine people in this space on Ruxton Ave. having coffee (or herbal tea!) on Monday while co-working on the Wi-Fi,  attending a running club on Tuesday morning before heading up the incline, breathing and being at yoga class on Wednesday, attending art classes on Thursday, a movie night on Friday, drum circle on Saturday followed by a live theatrical performance! and potluck on Sunday...what could you imagine happening here?...

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About the space...

Open hardwood floor event space with a full stage (perfect for live music, dances, yoga, coworking and more, front sunroom nook, 13 foot projector screen!, private Healing Arts office (that's rentable!), foldable large hexagon tables, comfy banquet chairs, folding chairs with attached desk (want to host a writing workshop?!), scanner, and a creek running out back!

It's a home away from home.

Interested in hosting an event or renting the space?

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Outside Front
Main Room and Stage
Private Office
Front Nook
Main room
kitchen and bathroom
Outside Front side

Affordable co-working space available!

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Sunroom Nook, Large Hexagon Tables, Private Office!

Open access 3 Days a week


Access to an Awesome Community of

Innovative Individuals 

High Speed  Internet 

Phone Line, Scanner, and Copier

Discount on available

drinks and snacks 




You can bike, walk, jog, and skip AS WELL AS

catch the shuttle from the free  parking areas on the east end of town!

There is no free parking right near TAV but parking on Manitou Ave. near Ruxton Ave .

The cool thing is the shuttle is a three minute ride and it stops right next to the TAV!

There is plenty of paid parking on Manitou Ave. as well. 


Free Parking Lot - Hiawatha Gardens

@ 10 Old Mans Trail <---Click for a map here! 

(Click to see the full shuttle map  below!)