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earth church

earth church



Welcome, Wise Women To a Women's Song Circle! Please join our beautiful community of soulful women as we circle together every first Saturday for heart opening ceremony and to sing beautiful peace songs from different walks of faith. All acoustic! Bring your instruments, drums and noisemakers. Please bring a dish or sides for all to enjoy. *Vegetarian and vegan foods are encouraged. Tea will be provided. A $5 to $10 donation is suggested.


Earth Church is the actualization of a vision for Unity on planet Earth. We are the Ones that have come to claim our true name, our true identity, and to heal/restore the sacred balance between humanity and the Natural World. We explore a multi-dimensional / interfaith philosophy which is equally a practice of living our intention (to be aligned again with our inner Nature), and to be the change of a force for holistic existence in external world.

We honor that Divine Mystery is the True story of human reality and thus set a course for exploration of global traditions including, the mystics of antiquity, the philosophies of the ancient far East and the modern West, indigenous Spirituality, new age metaphysics, as well as the spectrum of Earth to quantum science, as well as the hero’s journey of the soul mythology.

Our highest desire is to bridge Heaven and Earth! The Ancient Future with the Now. Our mission is to assist in the awakening of humanity and to empower informed, global citizens to be the change we wish to see, for all people and planet.

Our moral code: Let it be Love.

For the Love of People - For the Love of Earth - For the Love of Spirit

What is Earth Church?

Our Cooperative Model:

“Let us permit Nature to have Her way: She understands Her business better than we do.” – Michel De Montaigne

We are not organized religion We are Cooperative Spirituality!

Our board consists of a 13 person CORE community team, each loving accountable for the organic life that is Earth Church! Our duties include, but are not limited to, interpreting the community values, holding visioning space for the collective direction, purpose, and mission of the Earth Church!

Our ever increasing dedication to right business practice includes full transparency of all incoming funding and how its being invested in our local eco-system. Additionally, our leadership is accountable to the Earth community and seeks to represent the needs of humanity and the Natural Environment.

Coordinator Roles include:

Music Coordinator, Youth & Family Co., Facilities Co., Business Co., Social Media Co., Dance Church Co., Sunday Service Co., Sacred Service Co., Volunteer Co., Practitioner Co.

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Stand Up Comedy at TAV

Tumbleweed Productions has been on a quest for a home for the past year.  We searched high and low across Teller and El Paso counties, to find the perfect home for our comedy show, and found it here at TAV!  We stand behind the community ethics and donation-based practices that make TAV the heart of Manitou. 

Our intention is to get our community smiling, laughing & thinking.  We bring Denver's hottest comedians (and travelling comics as well) within walking distance of our residents!